Bright Days, Brilliant Gifts!

Published Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Spring is breaking out in bold colors!

Spring! The sun is out, the daffodils are starting to bloom, and the balloon animal bunnies are exploring the greening world. And we're exploring gift ideas for big kids and grown-ups. We know what you're looking for... Items that are a little funky, a lot of fun, and not what you'd expect. Read on for some of our top picks!

Amahi Ukuleles

Amahi Rainbow Ukulele

We have a fresh selection of woods, colors, and painted lovelies to choose from!

Amahi Ukulele

LAVA Lamps

LAVA Lamps from The Original Lava Lamp Co.

Groovy lighting with a mellow glow. They were hip in the 60's and totally rad in the 80's. Today, they're timeless and certified fresh!

LAVA Lamps

Buddha Boards

Buddha Board - Embrace the Art of Letting Go

Express the moment and embrace the art of letting go! Paint with water and watch as your work of art slowly fades away.

Buddha Board

Amahi Banjo Ukulele

Arriving Soon!

Amahi Banjo Ukulele

Plays like a ukulele, has the voice of a banjo! The banjolele (aka banjo uke, banjelele, or banjulele) is a rootsy, down-home, slice of Vaudevillian Americana that is a fun addition to your musical adventures.

Banjo Ukulele

A Message from Shawnta', Toy Store Owner:

"Y'all Come Play Now, Ya Hear?"

Shawnta' insists y'all come play real soon.

Beard sold separately