Find Your Perfect R.O.U.S*

Published Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Itty Bitty Bunny Welcomes Spring!

* Rabbit of Unusual Size (and other super-cute plush creatures!)

Awww... That is an unusually small little bunny bun off on a spring-time adventure. While we love little itty teeny sweet things, we were thinking... Bigger. More robust... Dare we say it... A truly epic bunny rabbit.


Yup. There it is. A Boss Bunny. A Rabbit of Remarkable Stature. A Humongously Huggable Hare!


So very extra.

Is it a pillow? Is it a toy? Is it a super-soft, huggable, squishable, loveable creature just waiting to roll into your arms? Yes!

  • Extra Large measure about 16” wide by 25” long by 12” tall.
  • Large measure about 10”wide by 15” long by 8” tall (currently only available in Pandaroll and Foxiroll)
  • Small (with their removable foodie blankets) measure about 4” wide by 7” long by 2 ½” tall.
  • Mini Anirollz measure about 2” wide x 4” long x 2” tall.

Smalls available in:

  • Pandaroll in Banana Blanket
  • Bunniroll in Hot Dog Blanket
  • Kittiroll in Strawberry Cake Blanket
  • Owliroll in Pancake Blanket
  • Foxiroll in Sushi Blanket

Quantities are limited, so don't dawdle!

Histoire d'Ours

Truly Regal and Posh Plush

Mixing luxurious fluff and oh-so-soft “furs”, these stuffed animals are anything but ordinary. Featuring subtle sparkly details they will be the crowning jewels in your collection!

Pictured here:

  • So Chic Panda
  • Pigloo Penguins in Blue and Pink
  • Rhinou the Rhinoceros
  • Misty the Cat
  • Swan in White, Flamingo in Rose, and Swan in Pink

Other styles (including a wide selection of Coin-Coin ducklings) in stock!

Coin Coin from Doudou et Compagnie

More Sweet Creatures...

Shown here:

  • Anora Dragon from Ty Beanie Boos
  • Rory Lop-Eared Bunny from Douglas
  • Hildy Lamb from Douglas
  • Izzy Rainbow Owl from Douglas
  • Gilda Pink Flamingo from Ty Beanie Boos

Even more on our shelves... Stop by to see!