Lucky Thirteen Halloween Treats

Published Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Spooktacular gifty things under $20

Toys are better than candy!

Presented here: a smattering, a small sampler, a tasting menu of delightful treats! Find something special for your favorite ghosts and ghouls. The best part?

Zero sugar, zero tricks, 100% play!

Speak & Repeat Witch or Zombie

6 yrs & up

Speak & Repeat Witch or Zombie from Cupcake and Cartwheels


25% Off!
(while supplies last)

They say what you say! And when you put two together? The results are hilarious!
See them in action here:

3 AAA batteries required, not included

SCENTsory Putty

3 yrs & up

SCENTsory Putty from Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty


Crazy Aaron’s has developed a selection of scented putty in small-ish tins. The texture is softer and more pliable when compared to the usual Crazy Aaron’s. And the scents are brilliant!

Thinking Putty Halloween Mini Tins

3 yrs & up

Halloween Mini Tins from Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty


The Halloween “flavors” for this year: Banshee, Monster, and Vampire


4 yrs & up

Slurps creature and slime from Hog Wild


Little creature with a powerful schnoz! With a squeeze it shlooorrrrps up and blaarpps out slime. Totally gross. In the best way possible.

Llama Witch

3 yrs & up

Llama in Witch's Hat from Douglas


A handful of cuddly llama, all dressed up to trick or treat!

Gross Gummy Candy Lab

6 yrs & up

Gross Gummy Candy Lab from Geek & Co


Creepy worms & spider shapes, delicious flavors, and the science of food! Create your own edible experiments... if you dare!

Ok, so this is candy. But it's SCIENCE candy, so that makes it brain food & not junk food.

Clarendon's Games

2 or more players
10 yrs & up

Clarendon Games for 2 or more players


  • Merriment Mixture: A quick playing categories game
  • Cunning Concoctions: Is it real or fake bluff trivia game
  • Mystery Tonic: One minute whodunit mysteries

Paint Your Own Swamp Creature

6 yrs & up


Take one wooden creature and bring it to life with the included paints. Make a Swamp Creature, Yeti, Big Foot, Mysterious Thing of your own imagining! Add your own adornments to make it truly fierce!

My First Tikiri Zoo

Newborns & up

My First Tikiri Zoo Elephant, Giraffe, and Alligator


Adorable little teethers made from sustainably sourced natural rubber. Each zoo creature softly chimes to charm baby!

Playfoam Pals Monster 2-pack

5 yrs & up


Pop open the pod and squishy squash the glow-in-the-dark Playfoam… What did you find? A Monster! Eeek!

Each pack comes with two pods, each containing a collectible monster.

Twister Track Micro Racer Set

3 yrs & up

G twister track set


Turn off the lights and race through the dark! The rechargeable race car makes the tracks glow as it goes.

Set contains 11 feet of micro sized twister tracks (276 pieces) & one light up racer


2 - 4 players
6 yrs & up

Cubeez game from Blue Orange Games


The silly face race! Be the first to make your cubes match the face on the challenge card.

See how to play here:

Ooly Pencil Sets

5 yrs & up

Ooly Graphite Pencil Sets: Holla Graphic, Ninja, and Grl Pwr

$7.99 - $5.99

Eye-catching pencils that can’t wait to help you scribble. Write or draw with these graphite pencils.

Ooly erasers and other art supplies also in stock!

Robot Dance Wind-Ups

3 yrs & up

Wooden Robot Dance Party Wind-Ups


Wind them up, watch them go! They have wooden bodies, expressive faces, and poseable arms, too!

Prices shown in this blog post are subject to change.