Tis the Season for Joyful Noises

Published Tuesday, December 11, 2018
"Voices singing, let's be jolly! Deck the halls with boughs of holly!"

Make Music and Sing Your Heart Out!

Music is good for the soul. It's a language that we all understand. And there is nothing more delightful than seeing a kiddo embrace the challenge of learning how to play an instrument. Or lifting their small voice to sing with mighty gusto. Read on for some of our favorite items to get the whole family in on the act!

A note about our selection of instruments:

Here at Happy Up, we are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging creativity in grown-ups and kids alike. And we know several ... ummm ... opinionated musicians. So our selection of musical items is extremely carefully curated. No dinky toy instruments that won't hold their tuning. Or are so hard to play that kids get discouraged and don't want to try anymore. Nope. These are high quality and expertly crafted items.

In other words, Instrument Snob Approved.

Guitar Heroes Get Started Young

Loog Guitars

Loog Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Teaching children to play guitar, completely re-imagined! With only three strings, the neck size fits a child's hands perfectly. And the chords and techniques they learn on a Loog transfer directly to a six-string when they're ready to graduate.

Acoustic Mini - for ages 3 and up

Electric Pro - for ages 8 and up

Loog Guitars

Strum Something Beautiful

Amahi Ukuleles

Amahi Ukes Main 1200X800

These aren't toys, they're quality instruments with loads of personality! Made in Ohio, Amahi Ukuleles are a brilliant gift for beginners and accomplished musicians alike.

Amahi Ukuleles

Rock Out with a Flexible Piano and Drum

Rock and Roll It SpecDrum and Rainbow Piano

Rock Roll It Email

Rock and Roll It musical gear is flexible, so you can roll it up and stash it away. Color coded keys and drum pads will have youngsters playing confidently right away.

Rock and Roll It Instruments

Singing Machines - Creating Joy Through Music!

Classic Groove Cube Mini

Singing Machine Groove Cube Mini

Did someone say karaoke party? The Classic Groove Cube Mini is ready! With it's LED lightshow and ability to send lyrcs to your TV, this is a gift for the whole family.

Classic Groove Cube Mini

Child-friendly Karaoke

Kid's Pedestal Singing Machine

Sm Kids Pedestal Karaoke Main 1200X800

Let’s get the gang together and put on a show! With two microphones, your little stars can share the spotlight.

Kid's Pedestal Singing Machine

The Groove Cube Mini and Kid's Pedestal Singing Machine will be back in stock soon!

Instant Rock Star

Sing-Along Pro Bluetooth Microphone

Sing-Along Pro

Pair your device to the mic and sing out strong! Party2Go set also available.

Sing-Along Pro