Rustle up the best baby toy ever.

Babies love the sound of paper... sadly, your average sheet of paper cannot handle all that gnawing and mawing. We have developed a sheet of loose leaf paper just for baby!

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For Newborns & Up

Loose Leaf Baby is a soft, flannel-like fabric wrapped around a crackly sounding material. It's a sensory toy that babies can't resist.

Machine wash & dry

Patent Pending

Loose Leaf Baby Custom Crinkle Sheets

Custom Loose Leaf Baby on Unlined Crinkle Sheet

Custom Loose Leaf Baby on Lined Crinkle Sheet

It's a playable and personalized baby gift! Your art is printed on a lined or unlined Loose Leaf Baby. You can write a heart-felt note, draw something, or dash off a quick doodle!

Need to send us your artwork?

If you've already purchased your Custom Loose Leaf Baby and need to send us your artwork, email us! The address is:

Please include the following info in your email:

  • Your name
  • How we should reach you (number to call or text)
  • Edwardsville, IL or Clayton, MO Happy Up location for pick-up
  • If you have a deadline

Usual turn-around time is within 5 - 7 business days.
We try to make it faster, but can't pinky swear to it!

Thank you for Crinkling!

Loose Leaf Baby Crinkle Sheets

Loose Leaf Baby Unlined Crinkle Sheet

Unlined Crinkle Sheet


Loose Leaf Baby Lined Crinkle Sheet

Classic Lined Crinkle Sheet


Doodled Loose Leaf Baby Crinkle Sheet

Doodled Crinkle Sheet

Assorted styles, more coming soon!