Banana Panda First Puzzles

Banana Panda First Puzzles

Little hands love to be busy. They love to fit things together. And take them apart. And fit them together again. These first puzzles and match games from Banana Panda are just the thing. Made from super-sturdy cardboard and printed with bright inks, they’ll keep your tot happy and engaged!

First Shapes

Complete the scene with these little puzzles! The cut out shapes are so much fun to match up, and scramble, too!

Banana Panda First Shapes Circles

Circles (12mo)

Banana Panda First Shapes Squares & Triangles

Squares & Triangles (18mo)

Match Puzzles

Who belongs together? Manual dexterity and logical thinking get to play together with these simple puzzles!

Banana Panda Match the Buddies Puzzle

Match the Buddies (15 mo)

Banana Panda Match the Baby Puzzle

Match the Baby (18mo)

Mix & Match Animals

18 mo & up

Combine the pieces to create all sorts of animal friends. Chick, Rabbit, Frog… but wait… What if we mix them up? What sort of fantastic new friends will you create?

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