Calico Critters

Calico Critters Families and Play Sets

A Little World of Families and Friends!

For 3 yrs & up

Miniature flocked animals, clothed in charmingly vintage fashions, will induce hours and hours of imaginative play. Their little country village is filled with delightful homes, businesses, and schools. The small size of the Calico Critters, incredible details, and teensy little accessories appeal to youngsters like nothing else.

True confession time: We love Calico Critters. Especially when a gaggle of small folks cluster around the play table at our Edwardsville store. The story line is a million times better than anything on TV!

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Country Play Sets

Red Roof Country Home Gift Set

A dreamy abode for your Calico Critters! The Red Roof Country Home Gift Set is move-in ready. All you need to do is arrange the furniture… and the floors! You can set up the house so it makes an “L” or so the halves are side by side. Stack the upper floors to make it three stories. And when night comes, turn on the lights.

The Gift Set includes kitchen, dining room, and bedroom furniture. Plus two Hopscotch Rabbits.

Additional furniture, accessories, and Calico Critter Families sold separately.

Adventure Tree House Gift Set

This Adventure Tree House Gift Set features the Adventure Tree House and over 65 additional accessories, including three poseable Critters, Baby Slide Set, Children’s Play Set and Family Picnic Set! Also includes tree house cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, pulley, tree trunk & grass base, 2 tree branches, tree stem for pulley, 2 railings, and 2 ladders. Adventure Tree House measures 13" x 11.5" x 15".

Additional Calico Critters and accessories sold separately.

Country Tree School Set

Learning is an adventure! The Country Tree School has a fully outfitted classroom where your Calico Critters can learn their ABC’s. Step into the tree house to expand your horizons with the observation deck and telescope!

Calico Critters sold separately.

Caravan Family Camper Set

Take to the road for a camping adventure! The Caravan Family Camper set has all the comforts of home: a kitchen, bathroom, and bunk beds. The Cherry Cruiser (sold separately) hauls it with ease. All that’s left to do is pick a point on the map and start driving!

Calico Critter families sold separately.

Vehicles, furniture sets, and other play sets also available.

Calico Critter Families & Babies

Two grown ups that make little ones feel safe. Sister and Brother to play and argue the day away. Each family has a story and each character has a personality that gets little imaginations rolling. From there, children take over and spin amazing adventures, dramas, and goofy comedies.

Most of the adult figures stand about 3” tall, children are about 2.25”. Babies are about 1.25” tall.


Shown here:

  • Hazelnut Chipmunk Family
  • Maple Cat Family
  • Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family
  • Splashy Otter Family
  • Toy Poodle Family
  • Wooly Alpaca Family

And the family is growing...
Many Calico Critter Families have twin and triplet babies!


Shown here:

  • Maple Cat Twins
  • Marshmallow Mouse Triplets
  • Pickleweeds Hedgehog Twins
  • Toy Poodle Twins

Many more families and babies in stock. Stop by to see!

Outfits and accessories may vary from the pictures.

Prices subject to change.