Chroma Blends from Ooly

Discover the fascinating world of watercolor!

Chroma Blends are a unique watercolor paint. As the name suggests, they flow together in a really lovely way. The surprising part is how vibrant and deep the color is. Unlike most watercolors, Chroma Blends are brilliant on dark and black papers!

Neon Chroma Blends

12 Neon Watercolor Set
6 yrs & up

Neon brights are totally right!

  • Set of 12 neon watercolors
  • Bright enough for black and dark colored papers!
  • Cover doubles as a paint palette
  • Brush included

Chroma Blends Circular Watercolor Paper

6 yrs & up

Don’t be a square… Work round!

  • 10” in diameter
  • 20 sheets of acid free watercolor paper
  • 140lb heavy weight
  • Tape bound on all sides to prevent warping when painting

Hint: Once work is dry, take a letter opener, butter knife, or similar item and carefully slide it between sheets to loosen and remove it.

Better Together!

Calligraphy Duo

12 Chisel & brush tip markers
12 yrs & up

Discover a creative flair for lettering!

  • 12 double-tipped markers in classic colors
  • Chisel tip is 2.0mm, brush marker tip is 3.0mm
  • Excellent calligraphy starter set
Prices subject to change.