Colored EcoPencils

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Colored EcoPencils from Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell has been making art supplies since 1761. They're known for their high quality and dedication to excellence. They believe that children deserve art supplies that are just as good as the adult versions.

Their Colored EcoPencils are made with deeply saturated pigments. They’re also break resistant and will not separate from their wood casings. The wood is harvested from sustainably managed forest regions.

World Colors EcoPencils

3 yrs & up

All of the wonderful features of Faber-Castell’s colored EcoPencils with some very special additions: three double-ended skin tone pencils. Developed by makeup artists, these pencils give you the ability to create any skin tone by layering the colors together!

15 World Colors Colored Pencils (6 skin tones)

12 color pencils + 3 double-sided skin tone pencils

27 World Colors Colored Pencils (6 skin tones)

24 color pencils + 3 double-sided skin tone pencils

Grip Watercolor EcoPencils

5 yrs & up

All the control of a pencil with the expressiveness of watercolor! Draw and layer colors together. Using just a little bit of water on a brush, the vivid colors dissolve and blend together.

Grip pencils have triangular barrels to make it easier for young artists to manage them. They also have little grip dots.

12 Grip Watercolor EcoPencils

24 Grip Watercolor EcoPencils

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