Dig It Up

Dig It Up from Mindware

Excavate and Discover What's Inside!

It’s a hands on experience that can help inspire a love of science, while having a lot of fun*!

*Slightly messy fun. It will create chips and dust. We recommend doing this outside or putting down some sort of covering on your table to make clean-up easier.

The Big Egg

4 yrs & up

Take a crack at this egg and discover all seven different species of dinosaurs hidden inside! Will you find the stegosaurus first, or the mighty T-Rex? Learn more about each creature with the excavation guide when you’re done. Just soak the egg in a bowl or sink, chip away with your chisels, and discover!

Includes: 7”x 4” giant egg that has 7 dinosaurs hiding inside; 2 chisels, and excavation guide.

Giant Gem Discovery

4 yrs & up

Discover what treasures rest deep inside the earth! Excavate the 12 genuine gemstones inside the giant geode. You’ll uncover stones like jasper, amethyst and tiger's eye, then use the gem identification poster to learn about each one, complete with scientific, historical and mythological facts. Just soak the gem in a bowl or sink, chip away with your chisels, and experience the thrill of geology!

Includes: 7” by 4” Giant Gem, a mini geode gem dig with 12 different gemstones, 2 chiseling tools, gem poster, and instructions.

Dig It Up Discoveries

4 yrs & up

Dig It Up Discoveries from Mindware

It’s a mystery in the palm of your hand! Each of these eggs (and dog treats!) gives kids the chance to discover a creature hiding inside. Soak the egg then chip away. Before you know it, you’ve got a little collectible!

Each box contains 12 eggs with chisels. Each egg is about 3” wide and contains a unique figure, so no duplicates!

Dig It Up Discoveries Dinosaur Skeleton from Mindware

Dinosaur Skeletons

Dig It Up Discoveries Shimmer Dinosaur from Mindware

Shimmer Dinosaurs

Dig It Up Discoveries Dragon Egg from Mindware

Dragon Egg

Dig It Up Discoveries Puppies from Mindware


Dig It Up Discoveries Space from Mindware


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