Djeco Pre-K Collage & Mosaic Kits

Artist designed activities for little artists from Djeco

Artist designed activities for little artists!

For 3 yrs & up

Collage Monsters

Create four silly monsters! Tear the paper to shape and then stick on eyes, noses, and mouths.

Pattern Rubbing

Complete four scenes with friendly animals! Create pattern rubbings on the paper and slide it into the frames.

Oh It’s Magic Masking Tape Painting Set

Create four scenes! Paint over the special masking tape areas, peel to reveal, and stick to the scene boards. A lesson in resists and masking.

Mosaic Beads

Detail three scenes with air-dry clay and shimmering beads!

Millefiori Mosaics

Sticker mosaics are so much fun! Complete three animal shapes.

PomPom Pictures

Complete four doggie portraits with pompoms! Reveal the sticky portions of the designs, and stick the pompoms on.

Prices subject to change.