Games for Grown Ups and Big Kids

Games for Big Kids & Grown Ups

Gather the Gang and Play!

The kids are getting older. Tweens and Teens and (omigolly) College Students. It would be great if they dropped their devices and played a table-top board game. These are some of our favorite long-playing, strategic, or quick-thinking games for big kids and grown ups.

If you don't see something that works for your group, stop by and we'll help you find the perfect fit!


2 - 4 players, 8 yrs & up
Z-Man Games

Pandemic Game

A cooperative game where players take on a key role to stop the pandemic from wiping humanity from the planet. Play as a scientist, medic, researcher, dispatcher, operations expert, contingency planner, or quarantine specialist. Each role has special abilities, and each turn will stress your skills. Work together to find a cure before the virus can spread too far.

Expansion packs and other stand-alone versions of Pandemic also available.

Pandemic Games


2 + players, 10 yrs & up

Who knew that positioning a word in one continuous ring would make it so tricky to read? The challenge in WordARound is to quickly figure out where the word starts and be the first to shout it out before your friends do. It might sound simple, but you’ll find yourself baffled. This quick-action family game gets better with the more players that play.

Word-a-Round 2 also in stock. Play it on its own or add its cards to your deck from Word-a-Round to extend the game.

5 Second Rule

3 + players, 10 yrs & up

It’s the new edition with more than 150 new cards! It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs—but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and with the other players staring at you, waiting for you to get flustered? Time’s not on your side, so just say what comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out as time twirls down on the unique twisted timer! It’s all in good fun with this fast-paced game where you have to Just Spit it Out!

5 Second Rule Jr. (with easier categories for younger players) also available.


2 - 4 players, 8 yrs & up
Queen Games

The ultimate goal is the tomb of the pharaoh, but many fabulous treasures can be found along the path. You explore with your team of adventurers, collecting items and racing the other players to get to the tomb first. The path is ever-changing, so it's always a new experience!

Watch their Kickstarter video for an idea of how to play:

Game of Thrones Catan

3 - 4 players; 14 yrs & up
Fantasy Flight Games

Winter is Coming. Take the black and join the Night Watch.

This version of Settlers of Catan wraps itself in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (better known as Game of Thrones). You play as a member of the Night Watch on the ice wall in the North. Collect resources and manage your territory, working to improve the living conditions in the area just south of the Wall. But always with a watchful eye. Always on guard. There are wildlings and … others …

Collect victory points and rise above your brothers to be named the new Lord Commander!

You are the Watcher on the Wall. You are the Shield that Guards the Realms of Men. You are a Brother of the Night Watch. For This Night and All The Nights To Come.

Forbidden Sky

2 - 5 players; 10 yrs & up

Forbidden Sky Game

The newest cooperative Forbidden game from developer Matt Leacock!

Working together, you must complete tasks to find a way to safety. Build the game board, complete a circuit, and launch the escape rocket. But the very sky is working against you, sending deadly lightning and gusts of wind that are sure to scour the landing platform clear. Can you do it? Can you get away safely?