Glo Pals & Cubes

Water activated light up sensory toys!

3 yrs & up

You know what bathtime needs or the pool needs? Some amazing little friends that GLOW. These Glo Pals are water activated. Drop them in water and they instantly light up. Pull them out, and … ta-da! The light fades away.

Each purchase of a Glo Pal helps support Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson MS.

Glo Pals

Bendy arms and delightful expressions bring these figures to life. When you insert one of the cubes and drop them in the water? True magic!

Each Glo Pal comes with two light up cubes.

Pippa - Green Glo Pal

Pippa - Green Glo Pal

Sammy - Red Glo Pal

Sammy - Red Glo Pal


Pack of 4 light-up cubes, all in the same color.

Alex - Yellow Cubes Glo Pals

Alex - Yellow Cubes

Blair - Blue Cubes Glo Pals

Blair - Blue Cubes

Lumi - Purple Cubes Glo Pals

Lumi - Purple Cubes

Pippa - Green Cubes Glo Pals

Pippa - Green Cubes

Sammy - Red Cubes Glo Pals

Sammy - Red Cubes

How to care for your Glo Pals & Cubes:

Remove Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes from liquid. Blow through small slots in the side of each Cube. Store in a dry location for longer battery life.

Prices subject to change.