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Your Pretend Dinner Looks Really Delicious!

3 yrs & up

Imaginative play is even more fun when you've got realistic playsets. These food items from Hape are just the thing to make aspiring chefs and foodies cook up a storm!

Small appliances and more cookware also available.

Hape Kitchen Gear

Slicing Foods

One of the most important tasks in the kitchen: prepping the fruit and vegetables! These cut-apart sets are just what young chefs are looking for.

Cooking Essentials

Tasty Proteins

Garden Vegetables

Fresh Fruit

Dinner & More

Kids love to “make” their favorite foods. And to serve the things they see on their own tables at mealtime. The best part? It’s their turn to say: Try it… You’ll like it!

Homemade Pizza

Garden Salad

Fast Food

Sushi Selections

Birthday Cake


Play With Your Food!

Silly Spaghetti

Bend and twist the pasta into any shape you like then attach the 13 pieces of food for either a yummy meal or a crazy noodly face!

Prices subject to change.