Jellycat Plush - An Edwardsville Exclusive!

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Huggable Loveable Jellycat!

Jellycat plush stuffed animals are just the best. They’re whimsical, without being too cutesy. They use different textures and materials to highlight their stylized natures. This is just a smattering of the wonderful cuddleness in stock!

Most are for ages 3 and up, although some of their creatures are safe for newborns.

March 2020

Easter-y Friends

Shown here:

  • Bashful Bunny Coral
  • Blossom Bunnies: Blush, Callie, and Beau
  • Bashful Bunnies: Peony, Coral, and Lilac
  • Minikins Bunny, Squirrel, and Fox
  • Crazy Chicks


Shown here:

  • Christopher Caterpillar
  • Valentino Hammerhead Shark, Storm Octopus, and Larry Lobster
  • Smudge Elephant and Monkey
  • Rolbie Sheep, Bashful Cow, and Peanut Pig
  • Daisy Runner Duck

Fantastic & Mythological

Shown here:

  • Starry Eyed Dragon and Unicorn
  • Little Puff Dragons: Saphire, Jade, and Violet
  • Frog Prince Kiss
  • Monty Dragon
  • Dexter Dragon

Foods & Other Items

Shown here:

  • Amuseable Avocados
  • Amuseable Lemon
  • Amuseable Pear
  • Cosmopop Rocket, Galactic Pup, Zalien
  • Wiggedy Camera
  • Wiggedy Record Player

Thank you to Joe's Market Basket in Edwardsville for the use of their produce department!

We stock Jellycat exclusively at our Edwardsville store, but are always happy to bring one over to Clayton for you. Just let us know who (or what) you’d like to meet in person!

Happy Up Clayton: (314) 725-2455