Kid & Family Games - Summer 2019

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It's a Fresh Batch of Family Friendly Games

The Happy Up stores are known for their family friendly games. We don't waste your time (or our shelf space!) with only so-so ho-hum meh games. If we're talking about them, we've played them. And we really liked them. And think you should add them to your game shelf.

While we say these are good for kids and families, most of them are great for teens and grown-ups, too!

Echidna Shuffle

2 - 6 players, 6 yrs & up
Wattsalboag Games

Join in the Echidna Shuffle! Each player gets three bugs of the same color and three matching colored stumps. Stumps are randomly placed on the board by the other players at the start of the game. On your turn, move the Echidnas, picking up your bugs and moving them towards your stumps. The first player to get all three of their bugs home wins the game. A light, fast game that the whole family will enjoy playing together!

Sky Magic

2 - 4 players, 6 yrs & up
Cooperative Game from Peaceable Kingdom

A powerful storm is brewing! Help the five enchanted friends get home before they run out of magic spells. Kids work as a team to navigate around storm clouds and avoid falling through the sky when the board shifts. Plan carefully and use your magic wisely as the game continuously changes!

Other cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom are also in stock.

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games


2 - 6 players, 6 yrs & up
Carma Games

PAIRZI is all about speed. Find the most matching pairs of Critter Cards to win! Here’s the twist, before you can look for Critter Cards you must roll a pair with your dice. So if you roll two 3’s for example, you get to find 3 pairs of Critter Cards. Then back to rolling your dice. Roll a pair of 5’s, you get to find 5 pairs of Critter Cards. Roll a pair, find your pairs. Roll a pair, find your pairs, etc.

Bears in Barrels

4 - 8 players, 7 yrs & up
Blue Orange Games

Perfect for a party! Bears in Barrels is a flipping good time. Using only one finger, flip the bear in it’s barrel so it lands right side up. As soon as you do, pass it to the next player because the other bear is heading your way! If it catches up to you, you lose honey! Oh no! The goal is to keep the bears moving as quickly as possible around the table. The last player with any honey wins!


2 - 8 players, 8 yrs & up
Jabuka Games

It’s a word game that challenges your perceptions! The coffee bean shaped letters can be twisted, turned and re-arranged to create entirely new words and score big. It’s fast playing and relies on looking at words in a totally new way… Big vocabulary not required!

See how to play here:


2 - 4 players, 8 yrs & up
Blue Orange Games

It’s like rummy… but with blocks! Create Sets and Runs by combining blocks that range in height of 1 to 7. Sets are made with 3 or 4 blocks of the same size, but different colors. Runs are made up of 3 or more blocks of the same color in consecutive order. To make it make it even more complex, you can stack the blocks. But don’t lose track of what blocks are on the table! Be the first to play all your blocks to win!