Kinetic Sand Sets

Kinetic Sand Sets from Spin Master

Moldable Flowable Sand!

3 yrs & up

Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% magic, so you can pull it, shape it and mold it, to create incredible sand art. Gluten, casein, and wheat free, Kinetic Sand is a safe hands-on experience for everyone. It never dries out, so play again and again!

Our best description: the grains feel slightly larger than brown sugar, and molds together in a similar manner. It's dry to the touch and doesn't cling to your fingers.

Kinetic Sand Shimmer 3 pack

Create a glimmering, shimmering, dazzling creation with Kinetic Sand’s Shimmer 3 Pack! Pink, Purple, and Blue sands come in their own castle-shaped molds.

Contains 12oz of sand.

Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box

This all-in-one play set of Kinetic Sand is a total winner! Play inside the case, to help keep everything together.

The set includes 2 lbs of sand, brick mold, tower roof mold, round mold/stone texture stamp, king and queen molds, scoop, and cutter.

Dig & Demolish Truck Playset

Build, dig and crush! This playset comes with 1lb of sand, a brick mold, and 2-in-1 construction vehicle. Flatten the box for an easily contained play surface!

Monster Jam Grave Digger Monster Dirt Set

BUILD IT! JUMP IT! SMASH IT! DO IT AGAIN! This Monster Jam set comes with a Grave Digger monster truck, ramp molds, obstacles, and 1lb of kinetic sand.

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