Magnatiles main 1200x800

The Original 3D Magnetic Building Set from Valtech

3 yrs & up

Magna-Tiles were invented by a Japanese mathematics teacher looking for a better hands-on experience for teaching geometric concepts. In 1997, Valtech brought the concept to the US.

Their clear panels connect on the sides, allowing for building geometric and architectural structures. Unlike other magnetic building sets, Magna-Tile panels don’t have a right or wrong way to stick. They’re always attracted to each other, making the construction experience a success every time!

100 Piece Clear Colors

Squares: 4 large, 50 small
20 equilateral, 11 right, 15 isosceles

32 Piece Clear Colors

Squares: 2 large, 14 small
8 equilateral, 4 right, 4 isosceles

Expansion Packs

8 Piece Rectangle Set
8 Piece Polygon Set