OzoBot Evo

A little robot with a heart of {code}!

Ages 9 and up

At only 1” tall, Evo is a teeny little robot that is big on STEM! Evo has proximity and optical sensors, a built in speaker, and Bluetooth. It comes to life with the press of a button, inviting kids to code, explore, create, and share with other kids in the Evo community!

Evo comes in two colors: Titanium Black and Crystal White.

Download the app to program Evo using OzoBlockly. Create games, mazes, and more!

No screen? No problem! The included markers are magic. Draw a line, allow Evo to run along it, and that mark becomes a part of a new program.

See more in their video:

Note: the "skin" and headphones on the Evo in the video are sold separately and not currently available.