OzoBot Evo

A little robot with a heart of {code}!

Ages 9 and up

At only 1” tall, Evo is a teeny little robot that is big on STEM! Evo has proximity and optical sensors, a built in speaker, and Bluetooth. It comes to life with the press of a button, inviting kids to code, explore, create, and share with other kids in the Evo community!

Evo comes in two colors: Titanium Black and Crystal White.

OzoBot Evo in Titanium Black

Titanium Black

OzoBot Evo in Crystal White

Crystal White

Download the app to program Evo using OzoBlockly. Create games, mazes, and more!

No screen? No problem! The included markers are magic. Draw a line, allow Evo to run along it, and that mark becomes a part of a new program.

See more in their video:

Note: the "skin" and headphones on the Evo in the video are sold separately and not currently available.

Prices subject to change.