Rated-M for Mature Party Games

Rated M for Mature Games

Really Seriously We Cannot Stress This Enough: These Are For Grown Ups.

Here at Happy Up we believe families should get together and play games. Games that bring all ages together. Games that foster communication and create shared memories. We also believe the grown ups in the room deserve a chance to turn off their internal editors.

These are games to play with your friends.

In other words, the people who already know that you’re a little … twisted. These games are raunchy. Naughty. Filled with NSFW content. Definitely Rated-M for Mature!


5 - 10 players; 18 yrs & up

Get answers to provocative questions you were afraid to ask! Players anonymously answer yes or no to intimate, embarrassing, or risque’ questions, then predict how many of your friends answered “Yes”. Points are awarded to the players who guess correctly. Warning: Not intended for the meek.

Telestrations After Dark

4 - 8 players; 17 yrs & up

Everything's better after dark! The well-known party game is all grown up. Draw what you see on the cards, then others guess what you drew for hilarious, weird, irresponsible and just plain wrong outcomes. Telestrations After Dark is "adults only" miscommunication at its best!

Risky Itzi

2 - 8 players; 17 yrs & up
Tenzi Games

Risky Itzi Adult Word Game

It plays just like regular Itzi, but the clue cards are … um … Spicy. Kinda rude. Exceedingly entertaining.

Turn over a clue card and, quick as you can, play a letter card and yell out an answer that starts with one of your letters. What do you need to win? A quick wit and a total lack of an internal editor!

Anomia X

3 - 6 players; 17 yrs & up
Anomia Press

Anomia X

The very very adult version of Anomia. Only play with people that know exactly how bent and strange you really are. This one is not for the easily embarrassed!

Take turns flipping cards, until you and an opponent have a symbol match. Quick as you can, shout out a word that fits the category on the opponent's card before they can get out a word that matches the category on yours.