Ravensburger Escape Puzzles

Ravensburger Puzzles

Solve the puzzle, gather the clues, escape the situation!

12 yrs & up

It's more than a jigsaw puzzle... It's a riddle, wrapped in an escape room style playing experience!

The basics: You're in a dangerous situation. You can save yourself, but you have to solve the riddles first. The difficult part? the answers are hidden inside a jigsaw puzzle!

Each puzzle has 759 pieces.

Vampire's Castle

Vampire Castle Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger

While on summer holiday in Romania, you extend a hike by taking a side trip into the mountains. At the edge of the road you notice a small, interesting-looking path and follow it. You catch sight of a ruined old castle in a patch of woodland & decide to check it out. You manage to open the heavy door and slip inside. The door falls shut behind you with a loud bang. You're trapped!

Witch's Kitchen

Witch's Kitchen Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger

On a woodland walk you discover delicious mushroom and take a tiny bite … Your world starts to spin and you realize that the mushrooms are poisonous! You stagger along, fall into a large hollow, and find yourself in a witch's woodland kitchen. Can you find an antidote and save yourself?

Curse of the Wolves

Curse of the Wolves Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger

Visiting an antique bookstore, a story catches your eye. Hundreds of years ago 5 settlers went missing in the forest, it is believed that a curse was cast upon them. Curious, you enter the forest to explore. Lost in the dark, you’re surprised by growling and glowing eyes. 5 wolves encircle you – will they attack? You remember the legend! Can you break their curse?

Forbidden Basement

Forbidden Basement Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger

A long lost relative has passed away and You are visiting their estate to establish who is “most worthy” of the inheritance. Upon arrival, the door is locked. You look through a window to search for a way in and see faded lettering on the far wall: “Intuition is the key to discovering your fortune.” Puzzled, you step back triggering a loud click a trap door to open beneath your feet.. Could your inheritance be in here?