South Beach Bubbles

South Beach Bubbles are WOWmazing

WOWmazing Gigantic Bubble Solution and Wands!

6 yrs & up

Whoa! Sure, little bubbles are fun, but what about making some truly magnificently EPIC bubbles? We hear ya. And have we got the bubble solution!

The South Beach WOWmazing Bubble solution comes in two forms: Liquid Concentrate or Powder. Both require mixing in bucket or other container big enough to dip the wands in.

  • Liquid Concentrate: add 1 packet of concentrate to 1 quart of water
    3 packets per box for 3 quarts of bubbles!
  • Powder: add 1 packet of powder to 1 cup liquid dish detergent (like Joy, Dawn, Mrs. Meyers, etc.) and 1 gallon (16 cups) of water
    6 packets per box for 6 gallons of bubbles!
South Beach Bubbles

So you made all this solution, and didn’t use all of it? No worries! Save it for another day. The longer it sits, the stronger the solution becomes so you’ll be able to create even more massive bubbles next time!

Bubble Kit with Wand:

The kit includes 1 Wand (made from light weight plastic wands that are connected by a braided cotton string) + 3 packets of Bubble Powder or 1 packet of Liquid Concentrate.