The Next Great American Sport!

What’s Spikeball? It’s four-square on steroids. It’s like volleyball, only the net is horizontal. And a trampoline. It’s … outrageously fun!

Standard play involves two teams, two players each. The idea is that your team has three touches to return the ball to the net, where it will bounce and it’s the opposing team’s turn. Miss the net or miss the ball and the other team scores. And you aren’t limited to using your hands. If you think you can bounce the ball off your knee, go for it!


8 yrs & up

Spikeball Stars & Stripes Special Edition

Stars & Stripes Special Edition

Includes three balls, net, frame pieces, and drawstring carry bag.

Spikeball Rookie

6 yrs & up

Spikeball Rookie Set

Includes one ball, net, frame pieces, and drawstring carry bag.

So what's the difference between the Regular Spikeball and Rookie?

Size. Spikeball Rookie has a larger net and larger ball, making it easier for younger players.

Spikeball Rookie or Regular?
Prices subject to change.