Spooner Boards

Spooner Balance Boards

The Ultimate Balance Board!

3 yrs & up, 500 lb weight limit

Spooner big dude

Skateboard, Surfboard, Snowboard... in your living room? What?

Say hello to the Spooner Board!

Accidentally invented in the back of a San Diego surf shop, Spooner boards let you practice all sorts of tricks whenever, wherever you want. They're made of high density polyethylene with a unique curve that invites kids and grownups to jump on and play.

While their boards are available world wide, Spooners are still manufactured here in the US. Groovy!

  • Spooner Freestyle
    22" long x 11.25" wide, grip tape
  • Spooner Pro
    25.5" long x 11x25" wide, grip tape
  • Spooner Soul Surfer
    21" long x 10" wide, place to attach a tow rope, textured surface

All styles are available in a range of colors. Stop in to see!