Tell Your Story Bracelets

Fa 800 story bracelets main 1200x800

8 yrs & up

Create bracelets that broadcast a message. It could be a motivational slogan, a silly saying, or a favorite song lyric. The Tell Your Story Bracelet Kits from Fashion Angels comes with everything you need. Get ready to wear your words!

800 Bead Bracelet Kit

The kit has enough supplies to make 15 different bracelets all packed up in a neat organizational box with a hinged lid. And your own supplies are always a welcome addition!

Kit includes:

Over 800 beads:

  • 28-grams of 6mm cubed shape black alphabet beads
  • 28-grams of 6mm cubed shape silver metallic alphabet beads
  • 28-grams of 6mm cube shape white alphabet beads
  • 44-grams of 9mm roller beads in a variety of colors

Other supplies:

  • 5-yards of elastic cording in a variety of colors
  • clear plastic keep box
  • instruction sheet.

500 bead sets

Kits include enough supplies to make several bracelets.

Tell Your Story 500 Bead Alphabet Set from Fashion Angels


Neon Glow

Pastel Rainbow

Prices subject to change.