Tenzi Slapzi Itzi

Tenzi, Slapzi, and Itzy Games

Make it a party with Carma Games!

These are some seriously fun games that you can play with just two people or invite a larger group to play.


Tenzi Dice Game

Dice rolling frenzy for 2 - 4 players, 7 yrs & up (we’ve played with much younger!)

Each package contains four sets of six-sided dice, 10 of each color. There are several ways to play-- the most popular (and easiest) is everyone rolls at once and pulls the number they rolled the most of, 3’s for example, then roll again. Pull any more 3’s, roll again etc. Your goal is to be the first to have all ten dice be the same number. As soon as you’ve got it, yell “Tenzi!” and bask in the glow of being a winner.

Expand the number of players by adding sets of dice.

Create house rules, make it a math game, you name it! Tenzi plays fast and is family friendly!


Slapzi Card Word Game

Match the picture & clue cards for 2 - 10 players, 8 yrs and up

Everyone gets 5 picture cards and the clue cards are placed face down in the center. One clue card is turned over and everyone races to be the first to slap down one of their picture cards that matches the clue. Sound easy? It is! And it isn’t! First person to get rid of all of their picture cards wins.

Expand the fun by adding on a deck of Snapzi cards!


Itzi Card Word Game

Letters, clues and speedy thinking for 2 - 8 players, 8 yrs and up.

Everyone is dealt five double-sided letter cards (you can play either side). The clue cards are in the center and one is turned over. First person to play their letter card that matches the clue wins the round. First person to get rid of all of their cards wins the game!

*New!* Risky Itzi

Risky Itzi Adult Word Game

A … um … spicy version of Itzi - 2 - 8 players, adults only!!!

Sorta naughty, kinda rude, very funny!