Thinkfun Logic Games

ThinkFun Logic Games

Challenge your problem solving skills!

ThinkFun is one of those companies that we love to have on our shelves. Their games and puzzles are excellent at challenging grown-ups and kids alike. Eat some brain food 'cause you're going to need it!

Ignite Your Mind with ThinkFun!

Gravity Maze

Falling Marble Logic Game

Single player, 8 yrs & up; 60 Challenges

Don’t lose your marbles on this one! Set up the towers and let gravity to it’s thing. Can you get your marble to the end point? Try and try again! The challenge cards range from easy to hard, and are sure to engage the whole family.

See how to play in their video:

Rush Hour

Logic Your Way out of the Traffic Jam!

Single player, 8 yrs & up; 40 Challenges

Old school is the best!

Rush Hour was originally released a zillion years ago. It’s modern take on the classic wooden block slide puzzle. It was, and still is, a best seller for ThinkFun and for Happy Up.

Set up the vehicles according to the challenge card. Slide the blockers one by one to free your zippy red car from the jam. The challenges range from easy to difficult.

Invasion of the Cow Snatchers

Mooove the Magnets Logic Game

Single Player, 8 yrs & up; 60 challenges

Take control of your very own UFO to solve magnetic challenges! Mooo-ve your way over and around farm obstacles while beaming up cows. The “cows” are colored disks, and the goal is to pick them up with your UFO, leaving the red one for last. Can you do it?

Color Cube Sudoku

Flip the Cubes, Solve the Puzzle

Single player, 8 yrs & up

Endlessly challenging! Flip & rearrange all nine of the color cubes on the 3x3 tray. Your goal: place the cubes so each color appears only once in every row and column. It’s a different challenge every time… and may take you several tries to solve the puzzle.

There are 2,641,807,540,224 different ways to position the 9 color cubes. Only 665,856 will produce a solved puzzle. Good luck!

Watch their video to see how to play:

Laser Maze

Beam-bending logic game!

Single player, 8 yrs & up; 60 challenges

Get laser focused with this puzzler! Set up the pieces according to the challenge cards and figure out how to hit the target with the laser. It’s a feast of STEM skills and problem solving in one tidy little package.

See how to play:

Caution: This game comes with a real laser. Do not stare into the beam.

Cat Crimes

Who’s to blame logic game!

Single player, 8 yrs & up; 40 challenges

Deduce the answer to these feline felonies! From tangled yarn to a missing bird, you’ll need to figure out where each of the kitties were at the time of the crime. And who is the guilty party.

It’s a new take on classic brain teasers. You get a series of clues that will help you eliminate suspects until you’ve discovered which cat is responsible for causing the mayhem. The mysteries range from easy to difficult so put on your thinking caps and work it through!

Roller Coaster Challenge

Thrill Ride Building Game

Single Player, 6 yrs & up; 40 Challenges

In this thrilling engineering challenge, players get to build their very own roller coasters. Choosing a challenge card and set up the pieces to match. Then use the remaining pieces to build a working coaster! Once you have solved each challenge, you get to watch a real coaster car glide down the track, complete with dips, curves, and loops!

For Younger Puzzlers

Balance Beans

The Seesaw Logic Game

Single player, 5 yrs & up; 40 challenges

Wrap your brain around the fine art of balancing beans! This logic game challenges you to add the correct combination of beans to the seesaw to find the balancing point. Part logic, part math challenge, Balance Beans can introduce youngsters to elementary algebra.

Watch how to play:


Rush Hour Jr.

Single Player, 5 yrs & up; 40 challenges

Free the Ice Cream Truck from a traffic snarl! Just like the classic Rush Hour, shift the blocking cars and trucks out of your way. There are 40 challenges ranging from easy to expert.

Laser Maze Jr

The Beam-bending logic game for younger players!

Single player, 6 yrs & up; 40 challenges

Similar to Laser Maze, this is a version re-designed for younger problem solvers. The goal is to send the beam of light around obstacles to hit the target rocket. The laser is in a fixed position, making it easier for younger kids to solve the puzzles.

Caution: This game comes with a real laser. Do not stare into the beam.
Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.