Trekking the National Parks Trivia

A Guestimate Trivia Game!

2 - 6 players, 10 yrs & up
Underdog Games

How well do you know the national parks?

Discover the rich history of the U.S. national parks and challenge your friends and family to a clever game of guesstimation. Each trivia card presents an educational tidbit relating to the national parks, followed by a question. The answers to these questions are always numerical, so players will compete to win the card by writing a number on their whiteboard that they think is closest to the correct answer. This "closest-without-going-over" rule lets players with any level of national parks knowledge stay competitive even with experts in the room. Even if you know nothing about the national parks, you can still play, learn and win!


  • 600 Question Cards
  • 6 whiteboard cards
  • 6 wipe-off pens

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Trekking the National Parks
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