Waboba Water Balls

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Keep Life Fun and Play Like a Kid!

Waboba is a company absolutely devoted to making sure grown ups don't get too serious. Their goal is to keep everyone moving and playing, and if it's in the water? Even better!

The Surf Ball

Waboba Surf Water Ball

The Waboba Surf is like your perfect sunny day. Who doesn't love it? Its squishy gel core makes it easy to bounce on water. The Surf is the perfect starter Waboba ball for families, kids, or anyone!

2.17” diameter; assorted colors

The Big Kahuna Ball

Waboba Big Kahuna Water Ball

The Big Kahuna's large foam size makes it great for pools and the whole family. It's easy to bounce on water, and can be played in any water environment. The more water it absorbs, the higher and better it bounces!

3.5” diameter; assorted colors

The Sol Ball

Waboba Sol Water Ball

You're not the only one that changes color in the summer. SOL changes color in the sun too. Waboba SOL is a foam ball with a lycra cover, which makes it versatile for any water environment. Hit the beach, lake, or pool - the more water it absorbs, the farther it bounces!

3.5” diameter; assorted colors

Color Changing Water Football

Waboba Color Changing Water Football

Catch some fun and sun! This small beach football features a special UV print that changes color in the sun. Make a splash all summer long and play until the sun goes down!

6" long; assorted colors

Wingman Discs

Always along for the ride! With its unique aerodynamic design, these silicone discs fly over 130 feet, and don't veer off course. You can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand!

6” diameter; assorted styles