Wicked Big Sports

Wicked Big Sports

Your Favorite Party Games Supersized!

Wicked Big Sports combines traditional sports and games with oversized fun! Each game is a classic, but Super-Sized! The Wicked Big Sports products are portable and versatile – play at the beach, in your backyard, at your tailgating party or at the park! Whether or not you are wicked skilled, or wicked competitive, you better be ready to have a wicked good time!

Wicked Big Kickball

Two teams, 6 yrs & up

It’s the same kickball game you remember from the playground and gym class. Except it’s been made wicked cool by going super-sized. The ball is 3x the size of the traditional ball which means even grown ups feel like rookies trying to get a home run. Each set comes with home plate, 3 bases, foot pump, plugs and plug remover, and inflatable oversized kickball.

Wicked Big Football

Whoa. Get ready for some crazy big fun with this football! Classic footballs are 11” in diameter. This Wicked Big Football is a whomping 16”! Inflate the inner ball and wrap it in the cloth cover and you’re ready for kick-off. A favorite for family reunions!

Wicked Big Soccer Ball

Yeah… that’s not regulation size. Not by a long shot! It’s way oversized at 18” in diameter. Play like a traditional soccer game, or invent your own yard rules. Regardless, it’s a kick!

Wicked Big Footbag

Traditional footbags (aka hacky sacks) are pretty small… between 2 - 3 inches. This one? This one is Wicked Big! At 5” in diameter, it’s an oversized go-anywhere play-anytime ball of fun. The high contrast coloring and larger size can make it easier for younger players as well as those with vision issues. Available in Red & Black or White & Black.

How do you play? Keep the footbag from hitting the ground using any part of your body, but not your hands. Gather your friends in a circle and pass it around. Or play on your own!

Wicked Big Flip Cup

Drink, flip, repeat! Play one on one or relay style. Each set includes 4 red and 4 white cups. Each cup is 12” tall and 7.75” in diameter!

Wicked Big Pong

Pong with those red plastic cups is too easy. You need a challenge. So take it outside and go wicked big! The “cups” are 24” tall and collapse for portability and storage. Each Wicked Big Pong set contains 6 collapsible pong “cups,” 6 weights, and one inflatable ball.