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Watery Play Pads

3 yrs & up

A watery play space without all that splashing! AquaPods are a great addition to your backyard play areas. Fill with water, and they can be a squishy-squashy play surface. Inside the pod, colorful little fish seem to swim and respond to your every move!

They also pull double duty as super-comfy places to stretch out and watch the clouds. Of course, if you *want* the splash, just spray some water on top and it’s a whole new experience!

Note: do not leave AquaPods on the ground for extended periods. It will damage the grass underneath it.

Rectangle AquaPod

  • 48” long x 24” wide
  • Max weight limit 200 lbs
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Lagoon Aquapod

  • Wide rim creates a shallow splash pool or enclosed play surface
  • 55” square
  • Max weight limit 300 lbs
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