Junk Ball T-Ball

Junk Ball T-Ball - Play Like the Pros!

Learn To Play Like the Pros!

Get your kiddos started on their baseball career with Junk Ball! Their T-Ball line is designed to help little ones develop their skills, while ensuring it’s a fun time for all!

Junk Ball T-Ball Tee Set

18mo & up

  • Height adjustable to grow with your little slugger
  • Bat has an extended sweet spot to help kids learn where and how to hit
  • Set comes with two hard plastic Pro Max balls for maximum hitting distance
  • Disassembles for easy storage
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Junk Ball T-Ball Bat & Ball

5 yrs & up

  • Plastic bat is short, wide, and lightweight
  • Extended sweet spot on the bat to develop hitting skills
  • Ball is a soft foam for easy catching and throwing

Assorted colors

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