Just For Laughs Birthday Cake Toppers

Add some extra wow to that cake!

Incredible Candles

Just For Laughs Incredible Candle

Incredible candles make birthdays incredible! Light them, and they bloom, rotate, and play happy birthday. It’s so much more fun than single candles…

Now make a wish!

Incredible Candle Rainbow

14 candles on brightly colored petals

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Just For Laughs Glitter Incredible Candle

Incredible Candle Glitter

16 candles on glittery petals

Assorted colors

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Party Popper Candles

Jfl party popper main 1200x800

What could be better than a pop of edible glitter? Light the Party Popper candle and get ready! How long from ignition to glitter explosion action? 10 Seconds! Wow!

Available in Pink or Blue

Jfl party popper pink blue
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