Splash Tail

Splash Tail from OgoSport

Catch a Water Balloon... If You Dare!

8 yrs & up

Playing catch with a water balloon? You’re liable to end up all wet! Playing catch with a water balloon in a Splash Tail? You’re still likely to end up all wet. Of course, that’s kinda the point!

Here’s how to play catch with the Splash Tail:

  1. Fill a water balloon and slide it into the Splash Tail’s pouch.
  2. Grasp the Splash Tail at the end and whirl it around, building up momentum and speed.
  3. Launch it at the people you’re playing with. They can try to catch it by the tail and not get wet! *or* launch it into the air above you and *you* try to catch it by the tail and not get wet.
Splash Tail from OgoSport

Chances are pretty good the water balloon will burst and someone is getting wet!

Each pack includes 1 Splash Tail and 25 water balloons.

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