Spot It

A Family Favorite Matching Game!

2 - 8 players, 6 yrs & up

Spot It has been a favorite at the Happy Up stores for a really long time. It adapts to a wide range of ages, is always a fresh game to play, and packs easily. What’s not to love?

Each card has several symbols on it, and each of those symbols will match with only ONE other card in the deck. Your goal is to be the one to find the match on your card and the card in the middle of the table. Before anyone else!

Fast playing, with five different ways to play, it’s sure to become a favorite of yours, too!

Spot It Classic from Dobble/Zygomatic

Spot It Classic

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Spot It Camping from Dobble/Zygomatic

Spot It Camping

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Spot It Waterproof from Dobble/Zygomatic

Spot It Waterproof

Waterproof cards in a pool friendly mesh bag

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