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Keep Life Fun and Play Like a Kid!

Waboba is a company absolutely devoted to making sure grown ups don't get too serious. Their goal is to keep everyone moving and playing, and if it's in the water? Even better!

Waboba Land

Catch Mitt and Ball Set

10 yrs & up

Play catch like a pro! The neoprene glove is quick drying and can be worn on either hand. The included Waboba Pro ball will bounce and skitter across the lake or surf. This ball and mitt set are water ready!

Mitt is adjustable and will fit most. Pro ball measures about 2.3" inches in diameter

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The Surf Ball

Waboba Surf Water Ball

$9.99 each

The Waboba Surf is like your perfect sunny day. Who doesn't love it? Its squishy gel core makes it easy to bounce on water. The Surf is the perfect starter Waboba ball for families, kids, or anyone!

2.17” diameter; assorted colors

Extreme Brights Ball

Waboba Extreme Brights Water Ball

$9.99 each

The Extreme Brights ball has a a firm gel core. It bounces fast, far, and high!

2.2" diameter; assorted colors

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