Bounce That Bunny Duck

Published Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Boing Boing... Wheeeee! I Can Fly!

Burn some energy with these Sports-ish toys!

Blue skies, brisk winds, warm sun…. Yep. It’s time to get out and PLAY! We’re all feeling a little restless, a little high strung. Like if we don't get to run around and make lots of noise we're going to go totally BONKERS. Mmmm-hmm. We've got it bad.

Spring Fever!

Next good day we are heading outside. And we're taking the toys with us. Bet you'll want to get out, too. So stop by soon and grab some sports-ish gear!

OgoDisk, Happy Up Edition

4yrs & up

It's a trampoline in your hands!

(sorry, Bunny Duck sold separately)

OgoDisk Mod

Get Outside Go

5 yrs & up

Get Outside Go Sporty Toys

Sporty outdoor toys for the yard or park!

Get Outside Go

Wicked Big Sports

Wicked Big Sports

Your favorite party games, supersized!

Wicked Big Sports

Things To Note:

Easter Basket Service is Back!

Easter Basket Service 2019

Buy $50 worth of toys, games, etc. at either Happy Up store, and we'll basektize 'em for you!

Everything in One Basket

Make a Plate for Mother's Day

April 6th, 11am - 3pm
Both Happy Up Locations

Make a Plate Event is April 6th, both Locations

There's still time to sign up! Complete details when you click:

Thinking Ahead to Mother's Day