The Gifts Are Rolling In!

Published Sunday, November 17, 2019
Take 'em to the streets!

Eye Catching Ride-Ons

Is there anything more exciting than getting a note that tells you to “look in the garage”. And there, in all its shining glory, is a new set of wheels. A new ride that is sleek and fast. Something that will make you feel like you’re flying down the street…

It’s the kind of Holiday magic that stays with you… Here at Happy Up, we love being in on the secret. And if you need a couple of suggestions, read on!

Not the Usual...

Primo from Amboss Toys

Fast & Fashionable!

12 mo - 5 yrs
45 lb weight limit

Inspired by vintage Vespa designs, the Primo is as hip and cool as can be!

Primo Ride-On


Curve Your Way!

Leg-powered precision ride-on in three sizes:

  • Mini (2 - 4yrs, 66 lbs max wt)
  • Classic (4 yrs & up, 150 lbs max wt)
  • Drifter (7 yrs & up, 150 lbs max wt)


Zig, Zag, Zippy!

3 yrs & up
220 lb weight limit

A Toy Store Classic!

Stellar Scooters

Micro Kickboard Scooters

Made for Adventure!

New for 2019: LED Lighted Wheels!

Two sizes available:

  • Mini Deluxe (2 - 5 yrs, 75 lb max wt)
  • Maxi Deluxe (5 - 12 yrs, 150 lb max wt)
Micro Kickboard Scooters

Globber Primo Scooters

The World on Wheels!

3 yrs & up
110 lb weight limit

Foldable and LED lighted wheels!

Also available: Globber Ultimum (5 yrs & up, 220 lb max wt)

Which scooter is best: Micro Kickboards v. Globber Primo

It's a tie. They are so similar, it comes down to personal preference. We suggest you stop by and let us show you both.

Something Really Different

CAT Backhoe Loader

Pedal Driven Excavator!

3 - 8 yrs

Stop playing around and get to work!