Kidtivities Activity Kits 2021

Published Monday, May 10, 2021
Kidtivities 2021 - Summer Fun Starts Here!

Crafting Fun All Summer Long!

Pick up a craft kit to take home! These are great boredom busters when those lazy summer days stretch waaaaayyyyy toooo looooonnnngggg.

And hopefully (fingers crossed knock on wood) we'll be hosting these in our Edwardsville store next Summer!

Kits are specially priced at $5.00 each.

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Summer 2021 Kidtivities Craft Kits

Quantities are limited and may not be ready right away. We’ll let you know as they become available for pick-up.

Scroll to the end for the fine print.

2021 Kidtivities Activities:

#1 - Summer Handprint

3 yrs & up

Create a forever memory with air-dry clay!

  • Flatten your clay into a circle
  • Press your hand into the clay
  • Let dry for 2 hours, then paint.
  • Attach the ribbon to make it into a hanging ornament!

Kit includes:

  • White air-dry clay
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Hanging ribbon

Time to make: About 30 mins.

#2 Fanciful Watercolor Prints

Choose Snack Time Girls or Animals

4 yrs & up

Add your special touch to these paint-ready cards!

  • Each card comes with it’s own watercolor palette
  • Each area is outlined with a color to help guide your paint choice!
  • Dip your brush in a little water, pick up the paint, and off you go!

Kits include:

  • 2 Watercolor Cards with watercolor palette

Time to make: About 30 mins.

#3 Sun-Tastic Window Art

Choose Outer Space or Bug Buddies

5 yrs & up

  • Create sparkly window clings as beautiful as stained glass!
  • Fill in the designs with the sparkle paint
  • Let dry completely
  • Place cling on any sunny window!

Kit includes:

  • 2 window cling sparkly frames
  • Translucent glitter paint

Time to make: About 30 mins.

#4 Fabulous Stepping Stones

3 yrs & up

Display your creativity in the yard!

  • The pre-cast plaster mosaic-style sunburst needs your creative touch
  • Use the included paints to make it fancy
  • To make sure your work won’t fade over time, give it a layer of exterior varnish (not included)

Kit includes:

  • Pre-cast plaster “stone”
  • Paints
  • Brush

The decorative “stone” measures about 7” across.

Time to make: About 30 - 45 mins.

Note: these types of plaster “stones” are for decorative use only. They may crack if stepped on.

#5 Totally Tie-Dye

5 yrs & up (with adult assistance)

What to do with that plain white t-shirt you’ve got laying around? Tie-Dye it!

This clever kit has all you need to make plain cotton clothing amazing and groovy. It includes a scrunchie to get you started, and enough dye for up to 12 projects. There are instructions for 10 different dye patterns!

  • Mix your colors and choose your pattern (rainbow swirl, sunburst, etc.)
  • Tie cloth with rubber bands
  • Apply dye
  • Wait for the dye to set, rinse, dry, and wear!

Kit includes:

  • 3 tie-dye colors in application bottles
  • Rubber bands
  • Gloves
  • Bag stand
  • Scrunchie

Time to make: About 60 mins + dry time

Note: dye is permanent, so choose your clothing and work space appropriately!

T-shirt is not included.

#6 Scratch & Scribble Critters

Choose Safari Party or Friendly Fish

5 yrs & up

Scratch and scribble to reveal brilliant colors!

  • Use the stylus to scratch away the black coating
  • Cards have outlines to guide you
  • Change the pattern of your scratches to create texture and a different look!

Activity kit includes:

  • 3 scratch cards (two designs, one blank)
  • Stylus

Cards measure 4x6

Time to make: About 30 mins.

#7 Fossil Impressions

5 yrs & up

Dinosaur lovers will love this activity!

  • Form the air dry clay into “rocks”
  • Press the dinosaur figure into the clay to make a “fossil”
  • Paint, allow to dry, and display!

Kit includes:

  • Air-dry white clay
  • Dinosaur figures
  • Paint & brush

Time to make: About 30 mins + dry time

#8 Mixy Squish Sculptures

3 yrs & up

Squish it, stretch it, sculpt it! Make tons of creatures and creations with these colored clays and sparkly add-ins. Clay won't crack or crumble, and dries slightly squishy!

Kit includes:

  • 6 colors of textured air-dry clay

Time to make: About 30 mins.

#9 Magical Mix-Up Creatures

3 yrs & up

Make a mythical creature with this stretchy, squishy putty, then watch it slowly ooze into a flat puddle. Scoop up the putty and do it again! Plus it’s Unicorn scented, for even more magic!

Kit includes:

  • Crazy Aaron’s SCENTsory putty
  • Punch out card of Mythic Creature Features (eyes, mouths, etc)

Time to make: About 15 - 30 mins & is endlessly repeatable

Kitdtivities Activity Kits Fine Print:

  • Kidtivities Kits are offered at a special price. They do not contribute to minimum purchase amounts for coupons and are excluded from coupon discounts and other specials.
  • Available for store pick up only. Sorry, no shipping.
  • Quantities are limited. When they're gone, they're gone.