Cuddle Jones

Cuddle Jones - satisfying your need for new squishy designs! Brought to you by the creative minds at Happy Up, Inc.

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For 6 yrs & Up

Happy Up is proud to present a line of custom designed slow-rise squishies. Manufactured to the highest quality, delicately scented with food-grade scents, and carefully hand-detailed. Each Cuddle Jones is an individual work of art.

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Cuddle Jones Seahorsicorns

Dreamy Seahorsicorn

Released Nov. 2018
Lightly scented of Cherry Cola
Slight shimmer finish

Minty Seahorsicorn

Released March 2018
Lightly scented of Pineapple
The first Cuddle Jones squishy design


The Care & Keeping of Cuddle Jones

Just like all slow rise squishy friends, Cuddle Jones comes with a few things you need to know and understand:

1. Cuddle Jones squishies are for people 6 years of age and older.
2. They are not food. Do not eat!
3. They are very flammable. Keep away from fire!
4. Your slow-rise squishy friends are delicate. Do not twist, pull, or tear as
this will ruin them.
5. Cuddle Jones needs space to breathe. Do not leave your squishies in
a compressed, squished, or flattened situation. They may not rise
again. They could also be permanently wrinkled or creased.
6. Over time, Cuddle Jones may lose color and/or scent. This is typical of
all squishy friends.
7. Each Cuddle Jones is made from a mold and is hand trimmed with
scissors. This results in variations, slight divots, and minor rough edges
along the seams. This is normal and not a defect.
8. Subtle variations in color and scent are to be expected. Our squishy
friends are painted with stencils, then hand detailed. Each Cuddle Jones is
a unique and individual work of art.

These guidelines are also available as a pdf. Feel free to download and share!

Care and Keeping of Cuddle Jones