Pixelated Picassos

Published Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Happy Up a la Lite-Brite!

8bit Art For The Real World

Back in the early days of computers, graphics were simplistic. Groups of blocks, also known as pixels, were combined to create boxy graphics. Curved lines were just a gleam in a programmer’s eye…

While computer graphics have evolved, the style of art that came out of those early days has remained. The 8bit art movement is alive and well. And easy for kids to understand and emulate. The essence of 8bit art relies on taking small elements and combining them to create a larger picture, like a mosaic.

Featured here: a few crafty ideas with a pixel-y result!

Diamond Painting Wooden Charms

8 yrs & up

Diamond Painting Wooden Charms from Wizardi

Little "tiled" projects to hang or display. Loads of styles to choose from!

Diamond Painting Charms

Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic

4 yrs & up

Lite Brite from Big Fun

Retro, and yet so au courant. Lite-Brite is updated for the modern age!



4 yrs & up

AquaBeads from Epoch

Design your creation, spritz with water, and ... Ta-Da! They stick together creating a dimensional little piece of art!