A Fun House, Not A Mad House!

Published Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Cabin Fever Be Gone!

With just a swish and a flick of our magic wands, Happy Up is here to banish your Cabin Fever woes!

No, we can’t break the weather pattern, but we can break the mood!

Featured here: ways to add some joy back into your space, even when the walls are closing in.

Kidtrix Doorway Swing

3 yrs & up, 150 lbs max weight

Swing away all that restless energy. Installs in minutes, no tools required!

Kidtrix Doorway Swing

Rock Around Wobble Disk

2 yrs & up; 50 lbs Max Weight

Wobble, spin, giggle. And if you flip it over, you have an island when the floor is lava!

Rock Around Wobble Disk

Wiggle Chairs

3 yrs & up; 60 lbs max weight

It's a tippy wibbly wobbly seat. Perfect for kids when they get restless, but need to stay seated and focused.

Two sizes:

  • 12” - Red - 3 - 6 yrs
  • 14” - Blue - 5 - 8 yrs
Wiggle Chairs

Floor Floaties

5 yrs & up

Better than a beanbag! These inflatable loungers have a super-soft plush cover and no-slip backing.

Floor Floaties

Dream Floatie Sleepover Beds

3 yrs & up

No more boring air mattresses! Use them for sleepovers, or as a cozy reading and day-dreaming spot in the family room.

AirForts - New Styles!

All Ages

These new styles of AirForts are sure to feed little imaginations! All you need is some floorspace and a box fan. Instant fun!

More styles in stock. See them all here:

Throw Throw Burrito

2 - 6 players, 7 yrs & up

A dodgeball card game... or is it a card game with a dodgeball element?

Regardless, it's a rollicking good time!

Throw Throw Burrito

More Get Moving Games: