Published Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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Fill Up on Poppable Foamy Fun!

Celebrate the warm weather with an afternoon of bubbly delight!

Happy Up has all sorts of bubble makers, big and HUGE... plus foam makers that are unbelievably awesome!

FӦM Foam and Bubbles

The FOM machines give you the power to create an EPIC backyard party.

The small machine creates enough foam to fill the back of 5 pick-up trucks in only 25 minutes! With a non-toxic, non-staining formula, the solution is safe for the kids and environmentally friendly.

Clean-up is simple: run a hose to wash away the foam or let it disappear overtime.

WOWmazing Bubbles - Arriving Soon!

We absolutely adore WOWmazing bubbles for their incredible elasticity. Their special formula gives the bubbles a more durable surface that allows them to grow to massive sizes for a bubble.

Grab the wand and run the rope attached to the end through the water to gather the bubble making liquid. Lift your arms and let the wind do the rest! With enough practice you can make bubbles so big you wouldn't believe it if you didn’t see it!

Fubbles Yard Maintenance

Looking for a simple bubble activity? Take home the Fubbles Mower and Weed Wacker and enjoy the warm weather!

Pretend to mow the lawn but in reality make a bubble party, this push toy will help your little one walk but also makes bubbles for a magical afternoon of play.

Bubble Machines!

Why not grab a small bubble machine that looks like a dinosaur or unicorn? From handheld machines to small, portable, and perfectly bubbly, we have you covered!

Classic Bubbles

Much like the WOWmazing bubbles, the Bubble Tree company is a kid powered, battery free bubble toy! Sound complicated? We promise it isn’t, just classic bubbles in eco-friendly packaging.

Completely made in the USA, this company is the best!

Stop by a store soon or see the selection on our shopping site!