Celebrating Bugs and Blooms

Published Friday, March 18, 2022
Happy Spring at Happy Up!

There’s a haze of green leaves in the trees and the grass is starting to look lively. A few brave daffodils are blooming. Birds are singing at the top of their lungs!

It's Spring!!

We’re so eager to get outside and be in nature again. There's always so much to see and try and do!

Collected here are some of our favorite ways for kids to learn all about the natural world. You can see the full selection on our shopping site here:


It's too early to plant most things outdoors. So let's plant and grow something indoors!

Kids (and grown ups!) can be totally fascinated by insects going about their buggy little lives. We love these sets that let you care for crawly and wiggly creatures!

Once the weather is right to start your garden, have the kids join in to help. They'll enjoy it even more with tools that fit their hands!

You'll want to be ready for all sorts of adventures, too!