Disney Lorcana, The First Chapter

Published Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Ravensburger's Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game is coming soon!

Discover the wonderful world of Disney in a whole new way!

This new TCG (Trading Card Game) is perfect for players of other CCGs (Collectible Card Games) as well as all Disney fans and collectors.

Welcome to Disney Lorcana's First Chapter!

As an Illumineer, you’ll wield six magical inks to summon glimmers of Disney characters. Glimmers can appear as familiar friends or in fantastically reimagined forms. Recruit glimmers to your team as you travel through the world of Lorcana!

Using Glimmer cards (aka Disney characters and items) and action cards, players race to collect Lore points. Play your cards to damage and slow down your opponents. But you must be strategic! Each card costs Ink points, and you have a limited amount in your Inkwell.

Like other TCGs, Disney Lorcana is a compelling mix of strategy and luck. The fun twist is how it takes familiar Disney animation characters and illustrations and takes them to a whole new level!

Your favorite heroes, princesses, scamps, and villains have attributes and abilities that you deploy in the game. Some cards boost another card's abilities. Some deal damage and thwart your opponents.

Each card has an Ink Type, and you can only have two different Inks in your playing deck of 60 cards.

Ravensburger's Disney Lorcana Diagram of Card Information

There's also a Disney Lorcana app to help you learn the game, build decks, and track the collection of Lore during a game. It’s a free download from the App Store or Google Play.

There's a lot of buzz going about the game, and from what we've seen it's worthy of the hype!

Disney Lorcana is recommended for 8 years & up.

We think for most 8 year olds, it may take some patience for them to learn all the rules. If they have played another TCG before, or they like games with lots of things to keep in mind, then Disney Lorcana will be a good fit.

You can read a copy of the Quickstart Rules here to get an idea of how the game is played: Disney Lorcana Quickstart Rules

We think Disney Lorcana is better for most kids 10 and up. And we mean up-- We know lots of teens and grown ups that LOVE this kind of game!

To play, every player needs a deck of 60 cards. So we recommend starting with a Starter Deck, then adding on a few booster packs!

We expect to see a new series of Disney Lorcana cards about every four months. So far, each series has introduced new types of playable cards like songs (Series 2) and locations (Series 3). Each series has included more alternate versions of existing characters, too.

Most exciting of all is to see what new characters from Disney Animation will be introduced!

All series cards can be worked in to your existing deck, adding new strategies and options to your game.

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