For the Love of Animals!

Published Friday, November 4, 2022
Play sets that are more entertaining than any screen!

Is there anything better than listening to a child play with little figures? And if you can hear them talking... the way they change their voices for each character is always a delight!

Whether they’re playing with little people or animals, this type of play is incredibly important. It lets children set scenes, create scripts, and play out the scenarios through the toys. It’s a type of play a child can engage in alone or with friends or siblings. And when their imaginations are fully engaged, they will spend hours and hours in the worlds they create!

Collected here, animal-focused play sets that have just arrived!

Playmobil Wiltopia

Playmobil Wiltopia

For 3 yrs & up

The health of our planet is something our children are more and more aware of. From protecting endangered species to keeping an eye on waste, they’re engaged and determined to make our world a better place. They’re also noticing that SO MANY of their favorite toys are made from plastics.

Playmobil recognizes their young customer’s desire to be a part of the solution. Their answer: Wiltopia!

The Wiltopia Playmobil sets are made from recycled plastics and plastics made from sustainable sources. And each set gives kids the opportunity to learn about different animals and their environments. There’s even an app that expands their playtime into AR (Augmented Reality)!

Stop by your favorite Happy Up for individual animals in the Wiltopia series!

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Other Animal Play Sets

Farm friends, horses, and don't forget the dinosaurs!

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Pretend Play Figures & Sets

PS: When a child plays with figures and dolls they are immersed in a story they are telling. It helps to build communication skills and empathy.

This form of pretend play is also vital to helping children process difficult situations in their own lives. It lets them revisit and gain power over scary things. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn how they see the world.

Join in the play and let the child lead. You’ll get an inside look at how their mind works and how they feel. It will also give you insight into how best to help them through difficult situations.

Plus you'll have fun acting like a kid again!