Future Foodies Start Today!

Published Thursday, October 6, 2022
Make a mess cooking, then clean it up!

Bringing children into the kitchen on a busy weeknight may seem like a terrible idea. And it may not be the quickest way to get dinner on the table. But making the space and time for kids to work with you is so rewarding in the long-run!

Cooking with kids is a great way for them to:

  • Practice following instructions and staying organized
  • Work with math concepts like fractions and measures
  • Develop functional life skills

And best of all, cooking with kids will create life-long memories!

Our brains tend to guard and protect any memory that has a scent attached to it. It's why when you smell certain things you’re transported back in time to a key memory. Create those kinds of moments with your kids, too!

So get some ingredients, accept your kitchen will be a mess, and make delicious memories!

Handstand Kitchen Kids Cooking Sets

Handstand Kitchen sets are full of tools and utensils kids can really use. They’re designed to get youngsters interested in cooking and baking. Now the only question is: Will you make something sweet or savory?

Handstand Kitchen sets are for 6 years and older.

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Scrubba-dub Fun from Fred!

Question: What is the MOST important thing about working in the kitchen?

Answer: Cleaning up the mess when you're done! Teaching kids to do this guarantees you're raising top-notch humans.

And these clever sponges from Fred will make hand washing things feel like less of a chore!

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Genuine Fred

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Pretend Food is Good, Too!

Hape wooden food sets are some of our favorites. We especially love the sets that let little ones pretend to slice and chop!

For 3 years & up

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