Brain Teasers, Logic Games, and More!

Published Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Can you solve our logic games?

Puzzle Cubes

Almost 50 years ago Erno Rubik created the infamous Rubik's Cube. Now there are many variations on that concept and we love them all! From the original, 2x2, pyramids, light shifting, and more we have the puzzle cube you have been looking for! Also - always a great option to keep the kiddos busy in long car rides.

Find All Puzzle Cubes Here!

The Genius Game Family

If you've been with us for long, you know we adore the Genius Square games. First Genius Square captured our love for it's speed, color, and simplicity. Then The Happy Puzzle Company stepped up their game by creating Genius Star, same rules but with a star shaped board that made fitting all the blocks in more difficult. And now, you've guessed it, they did it again!

Introducing Genius Gems! The shape of the board has transformed into a diamond and now you must roll dice to determine what shapes you have to use in order to solve the puzzle. There are 10,794 possible combinations. And all have at least one solution!

Become a Detective

These games are great for a group of older teens or adults because they require a fair bit of logical thinking and deduction (think Sherlock Holmes). Be prepared to spend at least an hour trying to solve the mysteries within.

Be cautious though - some of these are a one time only play due to the nature of solving the riddles. Sometimes cards are cut into pieces, boxes destroyed, and holes punched through instructions all for the sake of finding the next clue!

Our descriptions should tell you whether or not you can play it again (or rather give to a friend to play since you are so smart and were able to figure out who, what, where, when, and why) or if it is a one and done deal.

Happy Up Note: These games are great to play with a wide range of ages, however we think they're best if the kids are playing WITH grown-ups. A group of kids playing by themselves are liable to find them frustrating.