Game on! Early Learning Edition

Published Tuesday, April 9, 2024
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Load up on fun Pre-K and Early Elementary games!

Quick… Can you name a family activity that fosters connection and communication? That engages everyone in a shared experience? And is at a skill level so your Pre-K and Early Elementary aged kiddos have a fair shot?

Did you guess it?

It’s early learning games!

Hey now, don’t roll your eyes and click away. Hear us out!

Here at Happy Up, we know how terrible games for little kids can be. We’ve all been trapped in endless rounds of pointless games that no one enjoys, but everyone has on their shelf. It’s enough to make an adult swear they’ll never play a game with a kid again.

Good thing we’ve found some that are actually fun!

Playing games can teach your youngest players all sorts of important things like social skills and managing their emotions. They also teach early reading skills, problem solving, and can encourage fine motor development.

But keep that last part hush-hush. We’d hate for the kids to find out they’re *learning* something while they’re playing!

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Youngest Gamers

Pre-K Logic Games

These single player puzzle games are designed for young minds. They’re tricky enough to encourage problem solving and planning. They feature challenges that start easy and get gradually harder, teaching a child skills that lead to resilience.

Best of all, they build brain power while your little one is playing and having fun!

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Logic Games & Puzzles
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