Just Hopped In!

Published Wednesday, February 15, 2023
A color for every mood!

A literal rainbow of bunnies and more from Jellycat!

It's always a happy day when Jellycat arrives at Happy Up!

The latest shipment was stuffed FULL of Bashful and Blossom bunnies. We are completely dazzled by all the new colors.

Bashful and Blossom Bunnies

Shown here:

  • Medium Bashful Bunnies
    Pastels and Brights
  • Medium and Small Blossom Bunnies
    Pretty floral prints on their paws and ears

Medium Jellycat bunnies are about 12" tall.
Small are about 7" tall.

Shown here:

  • Medium Bashful Woodland Bunny
    (about 12" tall)
  • Yummy Bunnies
    (about 6" tall)

More Plush Pals!

Shown here:

  • Crowning Croaker Frogs in Pink or Green
    (about 5" tall)
  • Escarfgot Snail
    (about 6" tall)
  • Huddles Bunny and Duck
    with their own plush pals!
    (about 9" tall)
  • Pair of Lovely Lovebirds
    (about 5" tall)
  • Nesting Chicks
    (about 5" tall)

Shop and browse all Jellycat here:

Jellycat Plush

PS: Jellycat is an Edwardsville Exclusive.

If Clayton is more convenient for you, purchase online for store pickup!

Or give the Clayton store a call and we can make arrangements to bring an item over for you.

(314) 725-2455